Welcome to our new web site

We start 2016 with an updated website, a new graphic and contents, loyal to the principles of innovation and creativity, that has always been guiding our work.

The graphic is coherent and immediate, a web site designed to help you, user friendly and accessible. The colours are used sparingly, the white colour dominates, that it is not only the fusion of the visual spectrum's colours, but it clearly represents the company transparency and the concrete commitment for a cleaner world, environmentally friendly.

An important new entry is the section Ilaria's world: It is a new way to be up to date about what is happening in the company. Here you can read all press releases, the latest goals achieved for the environment and some advices about the use of our threads.

Finally, we remember you, that the web surfing in the personal area and in the Collections area, is a customer's only area. We invite, everybody interested in further information, to contact us.

We just wish you, enjoy our web site!

ilaria's History and mission

An entrepreneurial style which choses the way of rationality, in the strong expectation that research and perseverance always pay off; both in development and crisis periods, in "Ilaria" the desire to analyze problems rationally has always been dominating, rapidly changing according to the new reality. The basis is a heritage of insights, perception and passion, that join all the human resources of the company, in an effort that helped the renown of the Italian style in the world.

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knitting stitches

ILARIA Manifattura Lane, during the years has developed a research for the creation of always more new creative knitting stitches.