In 1966 the foundations we laid for the costruction of the first warehouse and of the office building that still house some of "ilaria's" working departments.
This picture showing the large ring-twisting plant was taken in 1972.
The secret of the success of "ILARIA", over the past three decades of significant presence in the textile centre of Prato, can be ascribed to its working method based on research and high level management.

A management style that chooses its path with great rationality, strongly believing that research and cosistency always pay dividends in the long run.
In times of expansion and growth, as in times of crises, "Ilaria's" team has always succeeded in analyzing problems rationally and been prepared to adapt to changing circumstances.

The fundamental basis for this attitude is a combination of intuitive skills, sensibility and passion of the entire working staff of the Company over the years, so contributing in a very visible way to the prestige of Italian style the world over.
ILARIA is a modern and well-consolidated industrial concern that uses advanced and sophisticated technological resources and decentralised operative plants that are nevertheless perfectly integrated within the yarn production cycle: this is the core of "Ilaria's" company structure.

In a market where professionality and organic growth are essential, the strong points of "Ilaria" have been able to shine through with its mix of thorough and specialist control over management and quality joined with a capacity to delegate responsability to individuals on the spot.

In 2007, Ilaria's Compound (office and production departments) has been under heavy architectural restyling. It changed its look in a brand new modern and elegant structure meaning to underline the company strength and the will to achieve further expansions.

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